Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Book Review: Hattie Big Sky

This book tells the story of a girl from Iowa in 1918, during World War I. I really don't like lots of historical fiction. I got this book at Barnes & Noble from a rack of books for $1.50. Apparently it was unpopular for so long, plus it had gotten beat up from being moved from shelf to shelf, but it was still like new. I was so glad I had gotten it.
So Hattie had been moved around from one distant relative to the next. Then she gets a letter from a woman in Montana saying that her deceased uncle has left her a large piece of land. She moves out there to get away from her irritating Aunt Ivy. She has to adapt to the extreme cold there while preparing for planting season. I have to say I learned lots of good tips for if I ever want to go live on a homestead in Montana, but sadly, I don't think that'll happen. She makes some very good friends on her journey including Perilee, a mother who is extremely kind, as well as her children Chase, Mattie, Fern, and later on, Lottie; Leafie, a kind woman who is the go-to person for anything; Rooster Jim, a strange but very friendly man who had a cherry tree growing out of his roof; and so many other people.
The ending made me cry a lot. I'm not going to say anything more. It is one of my favorite books. Everyone should read it. It has lots of history in it, but it's still a fun, easy read!
I wish there were more of these stunning books out there, but sadly everyone has become sucked into those books about Vampires and Angels, and don't care to sniff out good books!


  1. I agree that this is an absolutely stunning novel. Hattie is such a strong character. Glad you loved the book too!

  2. You have awesome taste in books! For realz! I totally agree this book was stunning and man did I cry at the end too! I don't read much historical fiction either, but this book was excellent! Hattie was so brave, and I was amazed at the end when the author said how it was inspired by real events.
    Lauren @ Hughes Reviews


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