Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Book Review: My Double Life

Alexia Garcia has spent her whole life being a poor straight-A student from West Virginia. She's never been popular at all, then out of nowhere Pop Star Kari Kingsley shows up asking for Alexia to be her double. It isn't Alexia's fault that she has looked exactly like Kari Kingsley from birth. Right before she agrees, everything suddenly clicks in her head! Kari and Alexia have the same Super Star dad, Alex Kingsley! Now she wants to go even more! Once she arrives there, her life gets crazy. She has to learn exactly how to look and act like her. This includes how to put just the right amount of glitter in her newly dyed hair, sign autographs, disguise her nose (the only feature that is slightly different), strut, not goggle at $300 T shirts, do a long dance routine in 6 inch heels, and stay away from Hollywood's hottest star: Grant Delray, who she accidentally starts dating after a week of being in Hollywood. 
This book isn't exactly packed with adventure, but it's still a really good book. I'm pretty sure reality wouldn't be like this, but you never know with celebrities. 
This ended on a happy note. All I'll say is FAMILY REUNION!

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