Monday, April 4, 2011

Book Review: The Thirteenth Princess

So I got this at a Border's sale for 40% off. I had heard about it, but wasn't very interested in reading it. When I was 9 I attempted to write a somewhat similar story about 13 princesses who discover a secret door that takes them to a magical land, but I wasn't thinking of the 12 dancing princesses at all! I was thinking more about Narnia (because I loved Narnia back then).
Anyway, on to the book review!
This tells the story of Zita, the 13th daughter of the king who wanted only sons. As a baby, she was sent to live with the servants, and was raised there without knowing who she really was. Then she discovers that she's one of the princesses. When she's about 12 her sisters discover a dumbwaiter hiding in their closet that goes down to the pantry. Now every Sunday night they meet in their bedroom with Zita, who spends the night, but then must rush back down to her bed before dawn so she isn't discovered. After this has been going on for some time, the 12 other princesses start getting sick. Zita wants to know why, so she goes to her friend Breckin and her newly found witch friend, Babbette. They help her discover that the princesses have been enchanted to dance all night every single night in a secret castle under the lake. With the help of her friends, including the addition of Breckin's brother Milek, they save the day! (Sorry if I ruined the ending!)
I loved the plot twist, but I wish it had been longer. I know they had to develop the characters and relationships, but you don't even find out about the enchantment until the last 5 chapters, and it only takes one chapter to defeat the evilishness.
I thought the romance was nice. There wasn't a lot of it, and it was all very sweet and clean.
I liked all the characters, but I wish we'd gotten to know the sisters a bit more. I would get sort of confused about who's who because their names all start with A.
All in all it was a great book that I'm gonna want to re-read so many times, but I'll probably be busy with other books that are just as great.


  1. I agree that this one was pretty cute! There could have been more to it, but I definitely enjoyed it. Her next novel, A True Princess is also quite cute.

  2. I also enjoyed this one, although I did have trouble with the lack of development for the 12 older princesses. This was a cute story, but I wanted it to be more somehow...


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