Monday, May 16, 2011

Book Review: East

Rose is a North born. He mother denies it, but her father knows better. Ever since her birth, she has been an adventurous spirit. When she’s a small girl, she begins to dream of an giant white bear whose back she will travel on throughout the world. Little does she know her dream will come true.
One day a giant white bear shows up at her home offering health and wealth to her family, but only in exchange for her. She agrees to go because she has always longed for the adventure she might gain from going with the white bear.
They travel to a castle inside a mountain where they live peacefully for quite a while. Rose manages to live a relatively simple life there, until the lights go out. Every night she is visited by a strange being who sleeps in her bed. She doesn’t know if it’s the bear, a man, or a monster. Curiosity gets the better of her and she uses a candle given to her by her mother to take a peek at her visitors face. She made the wrong decision.
Now her man who was a white bear must be taken to the Troll Queen’s palace that lies East of the Sun and West of the Moon.
In her quest to retrieve him, she makes many good friends who help guide the way to her true love.

This was an amazing novel. I think it told East of the Sun, West of the Moon really well. It has a richness to it. It was amazingly well written. I think this is a hard fairy tale to tackle, especially in the relationship between the bear and the girl. I think it was done well. They didn’t really talk with each other, but they grew to love each other just by being in one another’s presence. 
I would strongly recommend it to nearly anyone. Someone who's willing to read a 500 page book about real love as apposed to sexual appeal (cough, cough, Twilight, cough, cough, cough). This is for someone who can appreciate the incredible story that this is.

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  1. I loved EAST. Glad you did, too. I wish there were more books about real love and not all these TWILIGHT rip-offs in YA right now... >.<


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