Friday, May 20, 2011

Book Review: Eclipse

Bella is in love with Edward and wants to be a vampire.
Edward won’t do it until they’re married.
Bella goes to visit Jacob at least 5 times, each time with Jacob attempting to make out with her.
Edward gets mad when she comes back because he doesn’t like Jacob.
She loves them both and can’t make up her mind.
She ultimately chooses Edward because she wants to be a vampire.
Oh! and there’s a vampire named Victoria who still hasn’t been able to be caught.
Now she’s creating an army of newborn vampires to get Bella.

I don’t know what happened to Victoria because I zoned out during that part. That’s the good part of getting an audio book. You can unplug yourself during the stupid parts (which really means I zoned out of the whole book)!

This book was 98% Bella wants to make out with Edward and Jacob
2% Some kind of exciting stuff worth reading

It was poorly written. If it was written by nearly anyone else, it probably would’ve been better.
While I was listening to this, I kept thinking that Bella needs to go to a psychologist or something to take care of her problems. She doesn’t recognize her problems. She has fear of abandonment, fear of standing on her own 2 feet, fear of commitment, fear of someone trying to do the world good by getting rid of her forever, and so many other problems.

I’ve heard from several people that Twilight is like pornography. After reading this I completely agree. It’s addicting. I hate it, but it’s addicting. It focuses on sex quite a bit too much for my liking. Overall it’s gross and I don’t understand how people can enjoy such trash.

The only reason I read it was because 2 years ago I caught a quick case of Twilight Fever. It was very severe. I read the first 2 books, then committed myself to reading the others. Looking back I saw that I was crazy to enjoy it. I have changed my ways to ensure that I never catch Twilight Fever again!

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