Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Book Review: Just One Wish

I'm loving Janette Rallison even more with each book of hers I read!
Annika is average enough. She's been going through a rough spot in her life while her 6 year old brother has been dealing with cancer. She loves him so much that she is willing to do anything for him, even fight with a weird man at Toys R Us to get his an action figure he wants. She gives him a wish from a "genie", expecting him to ask for the action figure, but instead he asks for the real life Teen Robin Hood instead! Since she will do anything for him, she hops in a minivan and drive to California to pick up Steve Raleigh, the actor who her brother knows as Robin Hood. 
Things don't go exactly as planned. The first time she bumps into him, she doesn't recognize him. The second time she is a lady in waiting on the set of Robin Hood. She goes through many disguises during her trip to California including a waitress, an animal trainer, and a nun!
Throughout this adventure Annika questions lots of things about her self, her family, and God. 

I loved that this book is somewhat a retelling of Robin Hood. Annika is willing to do anything to help those in need, especially her brother. She literally robs the rich to care for the poor.

I also like how Janette handles God. Annika wonders so many times if God loves her. I believe that God loves EVERYONE, no matter what!!!!! 

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  1. This one definitely sounds interesting! I hadn't heard much about it, but it sounds lovely! Maybe I'll have to find a copy soon, give it a shot!


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