Saturday, May 28, 2011

Book Review: The Swan Maiden

Doucette has always longed for the one thing she will never have. To be a swan maiden. Her 2 elder sisters are, but her mother insists that she wasn't meant to be one, and so is training her to take over the responsibilities of running a castle. Then Doucette discovers her parents secret. Doucette does have a swan skin, making her a swan maiden. With her new found swan skin, she flies over to join her sisters in training with Tante Mahalt, their sorceress of an aunt.

Upon returning home, she finds that the shepherd she has grown to love over the years is requesting her hand in marriage. In order for her parents to allow them to marry, he must pass 3 challenges. In order to win, he must depend on Doucette's powers. 

I would've really loved this book if it hadn't been for Doucette's character. She was very selfish!
She doesn't think about why people are stopping her from doing whatever she wants. She thinks they're being selfish, when they're only trying to help her. She doesn't seem to listen to reason very well to the voice of reason. 
I love Jaume, though. He was calm and smart and sweet and patient all these other thinks you want in a man. He was willing to do so much for Doucette, when she wouldn't do them for him. 

The language was so beautiful and lyrical. I enjoyed reading it so much. The only part that I really didn't like about the lyrical language was the fact that I know I could never write like that. It's okay though. My writing style is different, and even if this language would fit really well on my stories, I wouldn't want it to. My writing has to have my voice and not someone elses.

This had a very interesting plot. There were points when I knew exactly what would happen, but then in the next chapter, everything would change! I didn't agree with most of Doucette's decisions, but they were her's to make, not mine.

(It would've been a 5 if it weren't for Doucette's selfishness! It's a horrible fault to have!)

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