Friday, May 13, 2011

Booking Through Thursday (3)

Do you read books “meant” for other age groups? Adult books when you were a child; Young-Adult books now that you’re grown; Picture books just for kicks … You know … books not “meant” for you. Or do you pretty much stick to what’s written for people your age?
*Warning! My answer is kind of personal*
When I was 5 is when my mom started reading the Harry Potter books out loud to me and my sister. Those books aren’t really meant for a 5 and 6 year old. We loved and absorbed them! After that we continued to listen to the audio books. Thanks to that I have all the books nearly memorized. A while later I read the Molly American Girl books. I thought I had made such a huge accomplishment reading a 50 page CHAPTER book in 2 hours. There I was behind my age group. I stayed there for a little while. Looking back, it might’ve been from fear of having to move up a whole age group; going from where I was the oldest to the youngest. I’ve always had problems with that because for my whole life I’ve looked about 3 years older than I am so it becomes awkward very quickly.
Now I’ve stuck myself in the YA bookshelf and I don’t plan on pulling myself out possibly ever. I read some YA stuff that’s aimed at younger audiences, and well as older audiences.
My rule of thumb for books is if you wouldn’t read it to a 5 year old, then you shouldn’t read it at all. If it has complicated words that’s more than fine, but the story needs to be sparkly clean throughout. (No bad language, no sexual stuff, no disgusting violence, etc...)
As long as they keep making clean YA books, I’ll keep reading them. If I’m forced to go back to picture books because of too much inappropriate stuff in YA, then this world has become pretty pathetic delighting in horrible behavior.  

UPDATE: I JUST realized that I'm posting this on FRIDAY! 
My explanation?

This week I've been going to a big huge homeschool conference that went from 8am to 10pm from Wednesday to today. I was able to get less than 5 hours of sleep a night because it was far away from my house. I'd spend a bit of my shower time each morning blogging. Thursday was my late day. I slept in late, so I had to rush and I didn't get a chance online. That night they had a fun dance for the teenagers (their equivalent to prom), so I didn't get home until 11.  It was a great experience (lots of inspirational speakers) , but now I'm super tired. I'll probably be staying away from this blog for the weekend. I need to finish my book (another thing I didn't get much time to do at the conference was read!), and I have other things I need to catch up on like sleep and math and my non-homeschooled friends.


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