Monday, May 16, 2011

Not-so Cinderella Wedding After All!

 This picture has been hopping around the internet a lot lately. It's funny and creative, but people actually think that those pictures are from the actual movie Cinderella! I am here to say that this is NOT from the movie. 

In  the top left picture is a BRUNETTE Cinderella! Everyone knows that Disney's Cinderella is blonde! And she's with a BLONDE prince wearing a RED uniform! Anyone who's seen the movie know that he has BLACK hair and a WHITE uniform!

And the Stepsisters! Anastasia, the one in the back has RED hair and a PURPLE dress! Drizella, the one in the front has BROWN hair and a GREEN dress!

As funny as it would be if this was real, it ISN'T!

UPDATE: I didn't really want to sound rude to all the people out there who still love this picture (I personally love it too!). I just wanted to let people know that this isn't real. I've seen lots of people think this is super real, and I'm doing this to tell them to GO WATCH THE MOVIE!


  1. these pictures really do fill my heart with delight...a little photoshopping and waughlah...fairy tale. my friend notice them and showed them to me yesterday and we had a good laugh...and, then a slightly jealous sigh. :D

  2. That's so much fun that someone thought to do that, though!


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