Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring Blog Carnival

So, I'm not participating in any blog hop, but I am (what's the word) promoting? one. 
I did this with the Easter Extravaganza too. This time it's the Spring Carnival hop. 
 I have been hopping around a lot these past few days. I have hopped to exactly 192 blogs so far, many of which weren't actually hosting a giveaway because they forgot (and I forgot to use the new list instead of the original list for sign ups that had close to 250). I'm glad I'm almost done!
Everyone should go enter some giveaways!

Here is the ginormungous linky list of blogs:
1.Reading Angel61.darkangel88121.Books & Other Creative Adventures (Int)
2.Candace's Book Blog (Int)62.Cleverlyinked122.Muriel Reeves
3.Pure Imagination63.Marilyn's Romance Reviews123.E. B. Walters
4.The Book Swarm64.Carissa @ Preternatural Primer124.Ednah Walters
5.Reading Teen65.Icey Books125.PK Hrezo
6.Bookworm Lisa (Intl)66.The Enchanted Book126.Book Passion for Life
7.Supernatural Snark (Intl)67.Susie Bookworm127.Hedgeland
8.Down The Rabbut Hole (Intl)68.Ruby's Reads (Int.)128.Dr A Nyland (International)
9.I Am a Reader, Not a Writer (Int.)69.Just Children's Books (US)129.Love & Money with Feng Shui (INT)
10.Kate (I Just Wanna Sit Here and Read!)70.Lorien Velez (US) 130.Lorielle
11.The Reading Fever (US & CAN)71.Valarie131.Dr. Stravagante
12.Book Addictions by Christina72.Lisa Peters 132.Amy Jones
13.Shell's Stories73.Safari Poet133.Elaina@ New Reading Mania
14.Hott Books74.Lisa's Loves Books Of Course( Int)134.Hale & Salvatore Supernatural Must Reads { Canada/ U.S }
15.Books Devoured75.Beverly @ The Wormhole135.Jess resides here
16.The Elliott Review (INT)76.Brenda Pandos - Author136.Inga Silberg Books
17.Vampires and Tofu77.The Daily Harrell - YA (Int)137.A Bookful of Thoughts (Int)
18.bookgoonie78.Rex Robot Reviews138.Family Literacy and You
19.My Bookish Ways79.Book of Secrets (International)139.Simply Stacie (International)
20.Books Like Stars (US)80.Roof Beam Reader140.Midnight Bloom Reads (INT)
21.Manga Maniac Cafe (US)81.Rachel (US/ AU)141.Livingston Hall Publishers (US, CA)
22.Actin' Up with books82.ROOTS IN MYTH142.24/7 Book Cafe (US, CA)
23.Dfor Darla's Definite Reads (US)83.Bookworming in the 21st Century143.TEENS READ AND WRITE (Intl)
24.I Like These Books - (INT)84.Demon Lovers books & more (US)144.Must Love Books
25.See Scoot Read (Int)85.Paperback Treasures (Int.)145.To Read or Not To Read
26.Minding Spot86.Lady Reader's Bookstuff146.Reading With Bakin_ Goddess
27.Bitsy Bling Books87.Joan Holub147.Talking with Tundra (US/ CAN)
28.Gabrielle Carolina @ The Mod Podge Bookshelf88.Fiction Flurry148.Barb @ Sugarbeat's Books
29.Truth Be Told (US)89.Reading, Writing and Waiting149.Nikki
30.Betty- Reflections with Coffee90.Got YA150.The Book Fiend (Int)
31.The Lucky Ladybug (Int)91.The Itzel Library (Int)151.Sharon's Garden of Book Reviews
32.What Book is That?92.Devon Ashley152.Spades High Reads
33.Stacy Juba: Mysteries, Murder & More93.The Book Pixie (US only)153.Brave New Adventure
34.Laurie, Meg & Caity (Reader Girls)94.A Tale of Many Reviews (Int)154.Loretta @ Between The Pages
35.Chelsey @ Starry Sky Books95.Nastasha155.Book Twirps
36.Sarah Reads Too Much 96.Mayra's Secret Bookcase156.Curling Up By The Fire
37.Books and Things US97.Erika @ Moonlight Book Reviews157.The Chey Show (US)
38.Amethyst Daydreams98.~ Sweeping Me~( INT)158.Melanie @ ohslowdown
39.Cuzinlogic (INT)99.PJ Schnyder159.charla
40.Extreme Reader Book Reviews100.My Love Affair With Books (Int)160.Cici's Theories
41.Mysteries and My Musings (US & Canada)101.Jen @ In the Closet With a Bibliophile161.A.G. Wright
42.Alyssa @ The Babbling Bookworm102.The Cait Files (Int)162.Kimberly's Bookshelf (US)
43.KM @ One Page At A Time Reviews (US Only)103.Absconditas (INT)163.Book Talk
44.Fiction State Of Mind104.Ramblings From A Chaotic Mind164.River Plantation
45.A & C Book Junkies (INTL)105.Whispers by Rhiannon Ellis165.Book Hounds
46.Paranormal Opinion (Int.)106.Read Now Sleep Later (US)166.FOREVER YOUNG (adult)
47.Muggle- Born. net (US)107.Two Readers Reviews167.Lindsay Writes
48.Lovely Lit (US)108.Evie @ Bookish168.Kirby Reed (US)
49.Sheery's Place109.Stella @ Ex Libris (INT)169.kelli
50.Lov Liv Life Reviews (Int)110.Gina C.170.Children's Interactive Mysteries
51.Books R Us (Int)111.One Book Per Week (US/ CA)171.Young Readers
52.Colloquium112.Bianca (Wicked Good Books)172.Joy @ Edgy Inspirational Romance
53.Lorielle113.The Bookish Brunette (INTL)173.The Book Blog Experience( US)
54.Amanda @ letters written inside out (US)114.Book Savvy Babe174.Grace Fonseca
55.Julie Anne Lindsey115.Sarah @ The Brazen Bookworm175.charla
56.Jen @ At Random (US)116.Laurie Carlson - lauriehere US & Canada176.Star Shadow
57.Rebecca Irvine117.Jen @ What's on the Bookshelf (Intl)177.We Fancy Books Opening Giveaway!
58.Helen Smith (Int)118.Natalie (Id So Rather Be Reading)178.Kimberly Flood
59.Truly Bookish (US)119.My keeper shelf (INT)179.Pimpin' Reads (Int)
60.Hope @ A Little Hope... Amidst the Chaos120.Sara @ Just Another Story (Int)180.You're next!


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