Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Book Review: Dragon Slippers

Creel’s aunt sent her to the dragon’s keep hoping that a knight in shining armor will show up to rescue and marry her. Things don’t go according to plan after Creel discovers that dragons aren’t the vicious beasts they were believed to be for hundreds of years. 
She leaves the dragon’s keep unscathed and with a strange pair of blue slippers.
The real adventure starts there. On the way to the King’s Seat in search of a job, she befriends the dragon, Shardas, who collects windows. Creel knows there’s more to the slippers than meets the eye, but Shardas won’t let it slip.
After reaching the King’s Seat, Creel gets off on the wrong foot of the Princess Amalia. She gets a job as a seamstress, and becomes popular for her unique embroidery patterns.
Things grow very bad after Princess Amalia steals the slippers and discovers the power they hold
What an amazing story!
It was so creative and exciting! It captured the essence of a fairy tale, but unlike a fairy tale retelling, you never knew what would happen next!
Jessica Day George’s unique voice brought this story to life.

I loved the dragons! I thought it was so creative that each dragon collected something! From shoes, to tapestries, to dogs!

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