Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Book Review: Ella Enchanted

Obedience is always good... or is it?
Ella knows what it’s like to always be obedient. She was cursed with it when she was young. Now she has no choice. Her life was put in danger by the fairy Lucinda at birth. She has to follow any command given to her, even to end her life. Luckily she has had her loving and understanding mother with her who keeps her safe from dangerous commands.
Only when her mother dies does Ella realizes how much danger she’s really in. Her father sends her away to finishing school with the spiteful Hattie and her dull sister Olive. On the journey there, Hattie quickly realizes Ella’s secret and uses it against her.
In an attempt to reverse the spell, she leaves school to find Lucinda, who does nothing but make it worse.

I have a deep love of Gail Carson Levine’s books. Her writing isn’t as lyrical as many other fairy tale retellers, but it’s just as magical. It is more appealing to a wider audience. She uses clever humor, realistic characters, and unique settings to create completely amazing stories!

This book was part of the Award Winning Reads Challenge



  1. One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE fairy tale novels! It's the only kid's book to make my all-time top 5 list!

  2. This is hands-down the best Cinderella retelling out there.


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