Monday, June 27, 2011

Book Review: Harry Poter and the Order of the Phoenix

I've been procrastinating about writing this review. I listened to the audiobook more than a week ago! It's been holding up my other reviews, too!

Harry, Harry, Harry... What are we to do with you?
We leave you at your Aunt and Uncle’s house and you go get attacked by dementors and land yourself a hearing with the entire Wizengamot.
We warn you to stay on the good side of Umbridge, still you get stuck in detention with her.
We keep reminding you to tune Voldemort out of your brain, but he keeps messing with your mind anyway.

This book really starts Harry's journey to destroy Voldemort, with the DA and the weapon playing crucial roles. 
I hate Umbridge with a passion! I seriously want to smack her! (I felt the same way towards my sister's pet Dolores!)
I also really don't like Cho. To me she seems like the original Bella Swan. They even had the same boyfriend(or at least the same actor)
This book is FAT! 870 pages of FAT! Lots of people say it's too long and that it's drawn out. I say it's fat with wonderfully rich dialogue, plot, characters and settings. 

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