Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Book Review: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry’s world has changed forever. He has lost a dear friend and has heard the prophecy of his destiny to either kill Voldemort or be killed. Once back at Hogwarts, Harry begins  lessons with Dumbledore to prepare him for his future. The lessons don’t involve defensive spells or the like as Harry was expecting, but learning the history of Voldemort.
Harry is also surprised in another class; Potions. He rises to the top of the class quickly thanks to someone known as the Half-Blood Prince, who left his old copy of Advance Potion Making in the ingredient cupboard.  He wrote his own instructions for potions and spells.
Harry’s social life has changed quite a bit. Instead of people either ignoring or laughing at him, they’re trying to hang out with him and some girls are trying to sneak him love potions.
Harry is learning more and more from Dumbledore. Their newest study is Horcruxes. Horcruxes are evil pieces of dark magic that contain the living soul of someone. It is Harry’s job to assist Dumbledore in tracking down and destroying Voldemort’s 6 Horcruxes.

JK Rowling will never fail me! Utterly stunning! I love all the mystery involved with the Half-Blood Prince and Voldemort. Of course you know how much I like flashbacks, so I love the lessons with Dumbledore where all that goes on has to do with Voldemort’s past!
This book has such a different feel that the others. It might be because this is the first book I had to wait for, so I’d had several years to make predictions with didn’t come true.

I know I was shocked in the end the first time I read it! WOW! What a strange twist! And I like it even more when it’s all explained in the end of the 7th book!

(The 2nd picture is of a deluxe edition signed by Jim Dale! I met him shortly after the 6th book was released. I quote my mother (who came with me) by saying "She knows your voice better than her grandpa's voice!" which is true to this day!)

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