Thursday, June 2, 2011

Book Review: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

I'm sick of the thing I was doing, because it wasn't a real book review. I just felt that I couldn't do a normal book review with something like Harry Potter. From now on, I'll be doing more of my normal thing and just ramble on and on about how amazing it is! (And sorry I don't have a Book vs Movie thing yet. My brother decided he would participate, so I'm waiting for him to finish book 2.)
I love Harry Potter (in case you haven't noticed). I like this book because the characters are different now that they're teenagers. You can tell they're acting a bit more irrationally, and just more teenager-ish. I think I can relate to the characters in books 2 & 3 more than in any other books. Especially Hermione. Everything about her. Her study habits, Her attitude, Her looks (I have brown curly hair similar to Hermione's, and I have somewhat larger front teeth),

Favorite Magical Items:
Her bag isn't even magic, but I had to put it in! (I think. That comes in book 7)
It always reminds me of my purse!
My purse usually weighs about 10 pounds and is always nearly tearing apart. It usually has about 3 notebooks and 2 books, along with everything else teenage girls carry around with them. My friends always comment on how heavy it is. I'm used to it because I've been carrying around a heavy purse for 4 years.

This book changed my view of time travel. There are laws that, if broken, could change the future forever. It's unique. I just love the idea of a time turner. A tiny hourglass necklace that can bend time. I wouldn't want one, though. I don't need to change time.

I LOVE the Marauder's Map. It's amazing. Several times I've attempted to make a Marauder's Map, but each time it ends up disappearing. Hopefully that won't happen this time (stay tuned!)
I'd love to be able to have a map of Hogwarts. I still have Benkinersophobia (Google it!) from when I was 10, so I still think that my letter from Hogwarts is just gonna come late. Once I arrive, I'll need help getting around. 

I love Sirius & Lupin so much! I want them both as uncles (even though I already have 10!)
I've said before, I LOVE flashbacks and back stories. This doesn't have any "flashbacks" but it does have back stories. I love how they explain people. Learning about the Marauder's is cool!

Harry Potter is amazing! (Just thought I'd mention it one more time)

This probably wasn't the best review. It was just my random thoughts on Harry Potter, which aren't very organized. 

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