Saturday, June 4, 2011

Book Review: My Fair Godmother

Fairy Godmother's aren't as amazing as they appear in fairy tales. Savannah discovered that when she wished for her own fairy tale. Her fair godmother, Chrysanthemum Everstar, misinterprets her wish and sends her back to the middle ages to live as Cinderella. Savannah can't believe how horribly different it is from the fairy tale she thought she knew. She cracks under all the stress and lack of soap long before the ball. 
Her next wish turns out to land her in Snow White's spot. It would've been nice if people didn't think she was a complete lunatic! After she accidentally attacks her neighbor, Chrissy rescues her, but only momentarily. 
Savannah's last wish was the biggest mistake. It ends up getting a cute boy from her school sent back to the middle ages along with herself, her sister, and her ex-boyfriend/sister's new boyfriend, and no one can leave until Tristan (that cute boy) becomes a prince.

This book was amazing. I was already in love with Janette Rallison's writing, and I was looking forward to it being used in a fairy tale setting. It turned out so well. This book was full of humor, adventure, mystery, and romance. I loved the mystery behind the Black Knight. It was such an interesting twist that I couldn't have figured out. I also loved how the first 2 wishes came back to bite Savannah. 

I can't wait to read My Unfair Godmother. I'm planning on rushing through Graceling to get to it! 

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