Friday, June 10, 2011

Book Review: My Unfair Godmother

After a date-gone-wrong, Tansy Miller finds herself at the police station. When she's through with that, the trouble doesn't stop. Chrysanthemum Everstar shows up in her bedroom, and a simple wish turns into a giant crime wave. Robin Hood and his Merry Men pop into the 21st century and start robbing anything and everything they can get there hands on. Once they've been sorted out, thing still get worse. The next thing Tansy knows, she, her family, her house, and a cute boy from school are trapped in the middle ages!
And guess what story Tansy, the Miller's daughter, gets transported to! RUMPELSTILTSKIN!
She follows the fairy tale for a bit, trying to get through it as fast as possible, but when the possibility of marrying the greedy King John's keeps creeping nearer, she makes a break for it!
Now that she has the ability to turn anything into gold, she needs to stay safe from greedy hands.

I loved this book so much! WOW! I stayed up LATE to finish this because I couldn't put it down! I thought Tansy was such an amazing character. Hudson is great too! I hope there are more Fair Godmother books coming out of Janette Rallison soon! I have a whole new perspective on Rumpelstiltskin, now!
Her writing is always amazing. The plot had several surprising twists I enjoyed. The ending is so sweet. I almost wanted to cry.

Thank you to Misty & Ashley & especially Janette for sending me this amazing book!

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