Monday, June 13, 2011

Book Review: The Night Dance

The 12 daughters of Sir Ethan have been locked up since the disappearance of their mother long ago.
Bedivere is the last night of the Round Table, and is on a quest to find the Lady of the Lake & return Excalibur to her.
Rowena, the youngest of the 12, starts having strange dreams about the knight Bedivere, though the two have never crossed paths.
After the discovery of the scrying bowl, the sisters find a hidden tunnel that leads to a large lake. In the center of the lake is an enchanted island with strange dance partners. They return each night, wearing out their silk slippers.
Their father is angered by the fact that they’re leaving the manor under his nose. He organizes a challenge. Whichever man is able to discover the secret, will be able to marry the daughter of his choice. Rowena hopes very much that her Bedivere finds the secret.

I liked this book up until about ¾ through. After that it went downhill. I didn’t really like any of the sisters. They thought about sex too much! Bleck! I know they’ve been locked up for their whole lives, but there are other things to think about!
The ending didn’t make sense at all. It went from everyone being attacked by monsters, then *POOF* they’re all safe and happy with their mother in Avalon.  
Rowena and Bedivere had an unrealistic relationship. Even if they’re soul mates, that doesn’t mean they should instantly want to marry each other.

I love the idea of mixing Arthurian legends with the 12 dancing princesses. It worked out nicely in this story.

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