Thursday, June 2, 2011

Booking Through Thursday (5)

Do you read book reviews? Whose do you trust? Do they affect your reading habits? Your buying habits?

I love reading book reviews (sometimes). If you scroll down to the very bottom of the page you can see the list of my favorite blogs. My absolute favorites out of all these are Squeaky Books, A Backwards Story, and Books From Bleh to Basically Amazing.  These are the people whose opinion I trust. 
I'll read other book reviews if I've already heard of the book and might be considering it, but honestly, most times I don't. This sometimes makes me feel bad, though. I write book reviews and I always hope people are reading them. I don't want people to just skip over the reviews I think are pure genius. (SO READ MY REVIEWS!)
Reviews don't affect my habits that much. If I like a review, the book might land on the bottom of my to-read list. I might not get to read it for 10 years. I don't really buy books. Book stores are overpriced, and I don't have a credit card D= so I can't buy online. Whenever I buy stuff online, I use gift cards. All my gift cards have been used up now. I still have 8 months left until my birthday, and friends don't randomly walk up to me and hand me a $25 B&N gift card every other day. 
The bottom line is, I don't buy books unless I KNOW they'll be good so they're worth the money.


  1. Great answer! I love these and getting to know other bloggers.

    Here is my BTT Answer

  2. Very good answer.

    here's mine:

  3. I really should cut down my book buying a be more like you - only buy books that I know are good.


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