Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Read The Classics!

Read the ClassicsSince my last post on this subject, I have had ONE participant sign up, bringing my total up to TWO participants!
I was hoping more people would become excited about classics, but evidently I was wrong. 


Also, I should announce that I'm lowering my goal to 4-6 books.
Look at the calendar below and you'll see why.  
I won't really be blogging very much because I most likely won't be allowed to touch a computer during this humongous family reunion.
I probably won't read much during the read-a-thon because I'll be recovering from 15 aunts and uncles and 25 cousins who all have it written in their genetics that they need to be very loud. Plus I'll be preparing for the end of Harry Potter!
And then there's camp. I can't wait to go, but where I live, it's likely to be 120 degrees and I will have no time to read!
The last week of July is really the only time I'll be able to read! Wish me luck!

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