Saturday, July 9, 2011

Book Review: Princess Academy

Miri always feels left out. She is very small for her age, and her father will not allow her to work in the linder quarry, where most others her age and older spend their day.
When noble lowlanders come to Mount Eskel proclaiming that one of the young girls there will marry the prince, there is a flurry of excitement among them; all except Miri. She doesn’t want to go marry a stranger and live in the capital of Danland when she’s fine on her little mountain.
Reluctantly, she leaves for the “Princess Academy” where all girls ages 12-18 from Mount Eskel must go in order to learn how to be a princess. She hates the spiteful tutor Olana, who gives out unfair punishments.
After growing used to Olana’s tactics, Miri finds she’s learning so many things. More than just writing and poise and history and conversation, but also quarry speech: a way that mountain people can communicate while working in the linder quarry.
As Miri continues to unlock the secrets of quarry speech, the arrival of the prince is growing ever closer, and it looks like Miri, who’s top of the class, just might be the prince’s choice.

I love Shannon Hale! Her writing seems familiar, and yet I discover something new each time I read her books. Miri was such a strong character compared to other fictional young women.
Quarry speech is such a unique idea of communication. I love the way it works through memories and linder! The whole idea of a Princess Academy is unique! 
The story was very vibrant. Every little detail added to the illusion that it was real. And the story wasn't so unbelievable that it couldn't have happen; if only it had.

This book was read as part of the Award Winning Reads Challenge


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