Friday, July 8, 2011

Book Review: Snow

Jessica is a young duchess, growing up without a mother or much supervision. When her father remarries a strict and very strange woman named Anne, that changes. Now Jessica has become a prisoner in her own home.
After her stepmother attempts to kill Snow -- as she is now called -- she escapes to London where strangers called the Lonely Ones take her in. The Lonely Ones are part human/part animals who are kind to Snow and good at staying hidden.
In the meanwhile, Anne, who claims she has a mental breakdown and has changed her ways, is trying to hunt down Snow using a magic mirror and some not very sane science.

I jumped into this book not knowing what to expect. I knew it was a retelling of Snow White, which is a whole lot less pretty than Disney has made it out to be.
It explained why the stepmother wanted to have Snow White’s heart better than any other story.
I thought the science elements were strange, but worked out nicely.
The Lonely One’s intrigued me right from the start. I can understand why some might be repulsed by them, but to me they seemed friendly and misunderstood.
I didn’t love how Anne turned out. I really wanted it to end like the Disney version with her being struck by lightning or something and falling off a cliff. She did much worse than the Disney one, but she ended up much better.
I thought everything about this book is creative.
It made me want to see out EVEN MORE fairy tale retellings.

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