Thursday, July 28, 2011

Book vs Movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

This is one of my most absolute favorite movies in the series! It has all the magic and mystery of the book, but has another dimension of magic now that it’s brought to life. I love the beginning, where it shows the 3 main characters preparing to leave on the search for Horcruxes. This movie feels so different from the others. Maybe because they’re not at Hogwarts anymore, and they’re learning how to be adults and keep themselves safe. 
I really liked the music. Alexandre Desplat will never quite match up to John Williams, but he comes close!
I have one wish for this movie, and it's that they'd focus more on Dumbledore's history. They didn't really talk about his family or his interest in the dark arts. Other than that, it was practically perfect!
My favorite scene was in the Ministry of Magic. It was marvelous! 
The scene after Ron leaves and Harry and Hermione dance is so cute. I like how it sort of shows what their relationship is like. Not romantic at all, but a lot more like siblings (although not as awkward to dance with). 
The ending is full of sadness and misery, but it makes you happy for the next movie!

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