Friday, July 15, 2011

Book vs Movie: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I think this story has a much different feel then all the others. Harry is getting so close to the end, but he doesn’t know it yet! Harry and Dumbledore’s relationship grows so much over this installment, and it’s captured in both the book and the movie.
I thought it was sort of strange to show Harry is the muggle world, but not with the Dursleys! The actor who plays Slughorn does a magical job, but he looks nothing like I imagined him to! I wish we’d gotten a chance to go to Defence Against the Dark Arts with Snape! That would’ve made my day! The potions lesson was so funny! I loved every second of it!
I hate how the memories involving Merope were missing! That would’ve been so much cooler! Besides that, I really liked all the Pensive stuff!
Yay for Quidditch! I hate how it was missing in the 5th movie, but it’s back in #6!
Everyone’s love lives are funny, but realistic at the same time.
I really wished they’d learned more about horcruxes! They don’t even talk about the possibility of what the other horcruxes are!
I also wish that we’d learn more about the Half-Blood Prince. What bugs me a whole lot is that they use Levicorpus in the 5th movie! HOW COULD YOU?!?!?!?!
I thought the scene in the cave was amazing! The acting and set and effects were stunning to watch (and the inferi a bit disturbing)
The think I loved most about this film was Malfoy! He was hot! And he could act! WOW! Awesome! Tom Felton really could convey all of Malfoy’s complex emotions throughout the film.
Dumbldore’s death was so horribly sad! I was glad to see the respect that was paid to him at the end even by those who hardly knew him. He was a great wizard.

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