Thursday, August 25, 2011

Book Review: Dealing with Dragons

Cimorene is not a proper princess. She likes to fence and learn magic and makes cherries jubilee! She doesn’t want to be like her 6 sisters, who are all proper princesses.
Her parents go one step too far when they try to force her to marry the pompous prince Therandil.
Following the council of a frog, she escapes to go live with the dragons. A dragon named Kazul claims Cimorene as her own. Cimorene enjoys her life as a dragons princess. She gets to learn magic and make cherries jubilee and talk with someone who isn’t trying to make her a proper princess. All would be well if it weren’t for the dozens of knights that stop by trying to rescue her, despite the fact that she keeps saying she doesn’t want to be rescued; and lets not forget those wizards who keep popping up everywhere!
Cimorene quickly grows suspicious of the wizards, who seem to be looking for something, she just doesn’t know what!
With her friends Alianora and the Stone Prince, she figures out a way to stop the wizards and save the dragons.

I got the audiobook, and I loved it! It was performed by a full cast, which I haven’t heard on an audiobook before. It really brought the story to life!
I love fairy tales, and this one I found especially enjoyable. The idea of an improper princess still seems new to me, even though the books I read are full of them! I love strong heroines, and I think Cimorene is setting a good example for other princesses to follow!
Once they started unravelling the mystery, the adventure just didn’t stop! The plot had lots of small twist and turns that kept me excited the whole way through! 

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