Sunday, July 31, 2011

July Monthly Overview

I am still recovering from Post-Potter Depression, which is why I've read practically nothing! It was so bad that I couldn't even finish all my Harry Potter posts in time, and some not at all!
Luckily, July is over, so now I am ready to read in August!

9/10 books
I finished everything except Beedle the Bard because my copy got lost! I watched all the movies, but never wrote a comparison post for the last movie because I kept crying whenever I thought about it!

4/9 books

I haven't read anything at all, especially not anything that's won any kind of reward!
o books
I feel so bad that I didn't read anything! I kept bugging people to sign up, but then I never read anything at all! I applaud those who signed up to read along with me, but completely crushed me!


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