Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Book Review: Matched

Cassia has always been looking forward to her Match banquet, but never expected to be Matched with Xander, her best friend. But when she plugs her micro card into her home port, she isn’t prepared for what she sees. Instead of the face of Xander looking at her, it’s the face of Ky Markham.
Although Cassia knows that she’s meant to be with Xander, she can’t help but wonder why it would show Ky’s face, when an official says his name was never put in the Matching pool to begin with. She can’t stop thinking about Ky, and begins spending time with him when they hike together. Ky knows many secrets about the Society, being from one of the Outer Provinces and being an Aberration.
In a Society that limits your choices, Cassia is left with many hard choices to make. Should she choose Ky or Xander? Should she trust the Society, that isn’t as perfect as it seems?

WOW! Matched is AMAZING! Everything about it is perfect! Where do I start?
The Society! I think this may have finished the work that the Hunger Games started with pulling me into Dystopia. I loved the Society because it scared me, which made the book feel more personal. It scared me because I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if someone was controlling my every move! I don’t want to have to risk my life to keep a little secret. I would HATE having to lose my freedom of choice and creativity! Those are some of the best things about life! This gave me a lot of sympathy for the characters, few of which knew what they were missing!
All the characters were great! If I had to pick a favorite, I’d have to say Cassia’s grandfather. He put up somewhat of a silent struggle against the Society. He kept an illegal poem for all those years, and he chose to die forever, instead of having the possibility of coming back.
Ky and Xander were both wonderful characters, and I honestly can’t tell who Cassia will pick. Xander is kind of the safe choice. They’ve always known each other, and he’s just like any other citizen. He’s so kind and smart, and seems to truly love Cassia. On the other hand, Ky is more of the dangerous type. He has lots of secrets about his past, and he has become a marked man through no fault of his own. He is an outcast, and has learned how to live that way.
I’d personally choose Xander, but I can see why many would choose Ky.
The writing itself was lovely.  It added to the sense of perfection in the Society. It was very vivid; I could imagine everything very clearly.
Once I was finished, I was hungry for more. I felt that it left off at a horrible spot. Once it reached the climax, it was over! I can’t wait for Crossed! I’m glad I read this so close to the release of Crossed, or I’d be going crazy!

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