Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blogger Interview: Lindsay from LindsayWrites

Today I'm Interviewing the awesome Lindsay Cummings of Lindsay Writes! Here's a bit about her:
Lindsay Cummings is a 20-year-old YA author of all things Science Fiction.
She grew up trying to be just like her dad, an adult Thriller author who is also a double amputee/Lindsay's hero.

Why did you start your blog?

I'm an author! I really wanted to reach out to the YA community and
learn everything I could about it, and bloggers are SO FREAKING BOSS.
Now I'm part blogger, part author, part YA reader. So much fun!

Where did the name of your blog come from?
It's Lindsay Writes. My name is Lindsay. I write. Lol. It was pretty simple to decide on what I wanted it to be! :)

If you were stuck on a deserted island, what 3 books would you bring?

  This question KILLS me! I'd bring
the Bible, first of all. Then Catcher in the Rye, because I could read
that book a million times. And then...something like... Escaping a
Deserted Island for Dummies, so I could get back home and go straight to
the bookstore and catch up on all the books I'd missed over the past
months or whatever!

What are you doing when you aren’t reading or blogging?
writing, working on revisions for my agent, thinking of new plots and
characters, hanging out with my German Shepherds, and contributing to
the new author group called Teen Shiver! Which everyone should go check
out if they love YA! Some awesome, successful authors in our group!

What are 3 words that describe your personality?
ooh great question. Hmm... Determined. Focused. Fun!

If you had to pick one author to meet, who would it be?
Beth Revis. She is my HERO. It took that woman so many years to get a
book published, and look at where she is now! What an inspiring lady.
She rocks, and if you haven't read her book, Across the Universe, you
must! :)

What’s your favorite fairy tale?
I love the darker fairy tales, like all of Grimm's fairy tales!

How old were you when you learned to read?
I have NO idea. I wish I could say I popped out of the womb knowing how to read, lol. That would be awesome.

How many books do you read in a week?
I usually get to 2 or 3, just depending on how often I take naps. I'm a major napper. Soooo nice and refreshing.

What’s the first book you remember reading?
Hank the Cowdog!! My favorite series as a kid, I used to read them alllll the time. I sort of miss Hank!

Red, Yellow, or Blue?
Blue! It reminds me of the ocean, and rain!

White, Milk, or Dark Chocolate?
Milk. Always the milk.

Hot milk chocolate, on strawberries. I'm drooling.

Harry Potter, Twilight, or Hunger Games?
Hunger Games AND Harry Potter. I refuse to pick a side! lol

Fantasy, Romance, or Historical Fiction?
Totally fantasy. Romance bores me, and I didn't enjoy History in high school!

Cabbage, Brussels Sprouts, or Broccoli?
Broccoli with butter. Yummy!

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