Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Book Review: How to Take the Ex out of Ex-boyfriend

Giovanna has the hottest boyfriend at school. Not only is Jesse hot, he's nice too! But when her twin brother, Dante, decides to run against the mayor's son for class president, things can only go down hill. When Jesse doesn't agree to help Dante with his campaign, Giovanna takes it personally and ends up without a boyfriend. In an attempt to cheer her up, her friends start setting her up on blind dates, with each one turning out worse than the last one. On top of all that, now she's Dante's campaign manager and is determined for him to win only to for the sake of embarrassing Jesse, even though deep down all she really wants is to have him back.

Janette Rallison is like the clean queen of chick-lit! Her books leave you feeling refreshed. They're kind of like the icing on the chocolate cake that is your bookshelf. Most of your books can be dark and serious, and then to balance it out you have something light and sweet on top!

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