Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fairy Tales Retold Challenge Part 3

I'm so excited for the Fairy Tales Retold challenge to officially begin! 
Time to start talking about discussion posts. I've decided that each month we'll either do a normal discussion post, or a fun guest post/author interview/giveaway type thing.
If you're interested in doing a guest post, email me at

Each discussion post will have a topic. (Love, Riddles, Magic, Appearance, etc...) At the beginning of each month I'm planning on us doing a discussion, I'll have a form up for you to share any of your ideas and questions. Sometime near the middle/end of that month, I'll post the discussion and then please feel free to comment away, or even write your own post on the subject and link to it in your comment. Whether or not you're participating in the challenge, you can participate in the discussions and other cool stuff.
This month (January) we won't be doing a discussion, because I'm too scatterbrained. We'll have something cool, though!

I will keep a master schedule here in case you want to see (but it's mostly for my own sanity):

FEBRUARY: Discussion Post
MARCH: Coolness
APRIL: Discussion Post
MAY: Coolness
JUNE: Discussion Post
JULY: Coolness
AUGUST: Discussion Post
OCTOBER: Discussion Post
NOVEMBER: Coolness

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