Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goals of 2012

  • Read 80 books
 If you add up all the novels from all my challenges, then you get a minimum of 51 books. Along with all those, I'm planning on reading all the Narnia books, the Lord of the Rings + the Hobbit, and the Inheritance Cycle.
  • Write reviews within a week of finishing the book
I've gone through some ups and downs with this, Some months, I'd write the review the moment I finished the book, and sometimes, I wait several months. I will do my best to remedy this situation!
  • Successfully host a reading challenge
I've got the ball rolling, and it hasn't crashed into the wall yet! I already have about 20 participants, so it's kind of late to back down. The hardest part is gonna be figuring out the discussion posts and possible giveaways. I will do my best not to fail. 
  • Post more frequently
I'm hoping that I can post at least every other day. Maybe more, maybe less, depending on the circumstance.
  • Receive a book for review
Hopefully I'll be able to start accepting books for review. Right now the biggest problem is that I still have parents, and they don't like it when I give my address out to random people, and then receive random packages, even if they know it's just books. Don't worry people! I'll have this sorted out eventually. 
  • Successfully hold a giveaway
As you saw above, I'm currently figuring out a giveaway related to my fairy tale challenge. It also happens that my birthday is next month, and I want to do some sort of giant giveaway for that!
  • Do a guest post somewhere 
Do you here that random bloggers? I would love to do a guest post somewhere!
  • Give up all memes!
As much as I liked doing some memes, they got in the way of me doing anything else on my blog! That's the main reason why I dropped them. Instead, I'll do other fun stuff!
  • Respond to more comments
I read every single comment, but I usually don't respond. That is changing in this new year!
  • Find a way to balance blogging and school and life
This is definitely the hardest one of all. Some days I spend HOURS blogging, when I need to be working on Algebra or Biology. Other days, I spend just hanging around with my friends and family, and then I realize I haven't blogged at all lately, so then I start getting stressed out. The point is that I'm going to limit myself to NO MORE than 2 hours a day.


  1. I would love to do a guest post, especially connected to the fairy tale challenge!

    I've read a bunch of books on your list already, so I could do guest reviews or comparison reviews.

    Or I also wrote a short story for a creative writing class that was based on the Goose Girl fairy tale, so I could talk about my writing process and how I went about reworking a fairy tale.

    I'd love to help! Just let me know!
    Lauren @ Hughes Reviews

  2. @Lauren
    I would love to have you do a fairy tale guest post! The soonest I'd need a guest post is March, so you have some time to think stuff up. Email me at debzbookshelf@gmail.com with any of your ideas!
    I'd also love to take a look at your short story whether or not you use it in your post!


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