Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Update on my life, the read-a-thon, and everything else

Umm...yeah... I kind of chickened out of the read-a-thon... I've maybe read 100 pages in the past week? That's not really read-a-thon behavior. And this morning I was COMPLETELY free to do nothing but read, so what did I do? I watched 5 episodes of Glee. 
I know. I'm pathetic. 
Glee is my guilty pleasure show. My family thinks it's a waste of time, so whenever I have so free time I break out the Netflix and start singing along! 
I promise this will change in March! I will read more and watch Glee less. My goal is to read 10 books in March. If I can accomplish that, I will be back on track with that irritating Goodreads challenge widget!
And speaking of challenges, I'm dropping the Shakespeare challenge. I was looking forward to getting to know Shakespeare and his works, but time and time again, I just couldn't connect with his plays and dropped them after the first act. I would love to watch or listen to his works, the way they were supposed to be experienced, but I can't read it. I just don't have the patience to read poetry like that. 
Oh! How could I forget? I also have a blogoversary coming up in a little while! I'm still trying to sort this all out, but I'm hoping to make it lots of fun! I'm planning games and giveaways galore!

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