Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Wrap-up & IMM & Coming In April

I think this month reading and blogging have felt like chores more than anything. In April I'm going to attempt to manage my time better so I can get the most out of reading and blogging, while still having some sort of life!
  • The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
  • Wither by Lauren DeStefano
  • Renegade Magic by Stephanie Burgis
NONE! I've failed this month :’(
The Hunger Games--Read Dystopia Challenge & Mythology Challenge
Wither—Read Dystopia Challenge
I fell really behind on the Pride and Prejudice read-a-long because I kept losing my copy and my patience. I will finish it some time, but I think it’s time for a break.
The Hunger Games read-a-long was a flop, just like I knew it would be. I still read the book, but I don’t believe I had any participants, and I didn’t get any of my awesome posts up on the blog.
The only read-a-long I’ve been successful with is the Catch Wither Fever read-a-long. I’ve read Wither, I’m in the middle of writing up a Wither related post or two, and I’m checking all my local libraries for Fever.
Bloggiesta is going on right now, and I think it’s helped me get back my blogging vibe. You can check out my to-do list right here! As you’ll see, I still have a lot left to do.

  • The Swan Kingdom by Zoe Marriott
  • Inside (Inside Out & Outside In) by Maria V. Snyder
  • I, Coriander by Sally Gardner
  • Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver
  • Fairy Bad Day by Amanda Ashby
  • The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson
  • To Catch a Prince by Gillian McKnight
  • Wisdom's Kiss by Catherine Gilbert Murdock
  • Paranormalcy by Kiersten White
Yep! I blew my budget! I'm basically broke now! Hopefully I'll be able to come up with some money for a blogoversary giveaway of sorts!
The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater (Thanks Jacinda!)
I’ve heard that those who liked the Wolves of Mercy Falls series didn’t enjoy this book, and vice versa. As I haven’t read the Wolves of Mercy Falls, hopefully I’ll find this one enjoyable!
GIFTED: image
Deep Blue Eyes and Other Teenage Hazards by Janette Rallison
Well, this was kind of gifted. Janette was doing this thing on her blog, and, well, I ended up with this!
  • Casey Barnes Eponymous by E. A. Rigg
  • Shadows on the Moon by Zoe Marriott
I was extremely excited when I saw Shadows on the Moon sitting on the doorstep! My first real ARC! I’m really excited for Casey Barnes as well, but since it’s a self-published eBook, it just can’t bring the same excitement.

  • Toads and Diamonds by Heather Tomlinson
  • Incarnate by Jodi Meadows
  • Casey Barnes Eponymous by E. A. Rigg
  • Shadows on the Moon by Zoe Marriott
  • A True Princess by Diane Zahler
  • The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson
  • Once by Cameron Dokey
  • The Princess and the Hound by Mette Ivie Harrison
  • Stork by Wendy Delsol
  • The Swan Kingdom by Zoe Marriott
I WILL read at least 10 books this month and I won’t let anyone stop me!
Fairy Tale Fortnight is approaching! I’m so excited! I’ve been stockpiling some fairy tale retellings since the start of this year, and I’m excited to finally be getting to them! I’ll be celebrating on this blog the whole time, with lots of fairy tale reviews, discussion posts, and more!
Yep! It’s steadily approaching, and should arrive sometime on Friday the 13th! I’m planning some sort of week-long thing which will include some looks down memory lane, fun games, and possibly a giveaway! I hope to see you there.
Other than that, I don’t think I have much going on in April. And thank goodness for that because I don’t think I could handle much more!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Bloggiesta Time!

It’s time for Bloggiesta! Earlier when I signed up I made a to-do list. Since then I’ve revised it, adding the things I forgot about earlier, and removing the things I’ve already done.
  • Write April fairy tale discussion post
  • Find a fairy tale guest poster (any takers?)
  • Create March TBR list
  • Work out the kinks of my rating system
  • Finish up Hunger Games movie review
  • Tweak my review policy
  • Clean out and organize Google Reader
  • Use Facebook Page!
  • Get a New Profile Picture
  • Update Bio  
  • Plan Blogoversary Party
  • Get a bookshelf! (I’ve been shelfless for 4 months! All my books have been sitting in giant piles on my dresser!)
  • Add follow buttons (Goodreads, Twitter, RSS, etc...)
  • Update template! (Time for a new background!)
Hopefully I’ll be able to get most of these done. Along with these I have some challenges I’ll be working on throughout Bloggiesta. Here are a few of them:
The Reading Housewives -- Windows Live Writer
I’m currently writing this post using Windows Live Writer and I’m loving it! Here’s a screenshot. It’s like Microsoft Word for bloggers!
Squeaky Books –- Policies
I actually updated my review policy about 2 days ago, and I don’t do contests, but I think my review policy can stand a bit more changing! Plus Enna is being extra awesome (as always) and giving away a book!
Book Journey – Commenting
This was one of my goals. Her challenge is to comment on 20 blogs. I’m setting a goal of 50, but I’ll be happy if I can get 20 (=
Katie’s Book Blog – Twitter
Her challenge introduced me to the wonderful tool of that automatically tweets your blog posts so you don’t have to! Genius!
The Reading Fever – Sidebars
I’ve been meaning to clean out my sidebars! Hopefully I’ll be able to get my sidebars all organized!

What are your goals for bloggiesta?

(At the end of each day I'll go through and mark the things I've completed! Check back later!)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Make It a Movie Tuesday (4)

This week we have one of my newest favorite books here!

Across the Universe by Beth Revis!

I fell in love with it and gushed about it here, then I fell in love with A Million Suns even more, and gushed even more over here!

The best part, I have music this time! Hurray for Beth Revis basing her book titles off a Beatles song!
If you really don't want to watch the video, despite it's awesomeness, here's my cast line-up:

Molly Quinn as Amy
Taylor Lautner as Elder
Logan Henderson as Harley
Gerard Butler as Orion
Hugh Laurie as Doc
Christopher Lee as Eldest

Sooo.... what do you think? Who would you cast?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My excuses...

I've failed with this Hunger Games Read-A-Long. I've definitely been reading, but I haven't had a single post up--and it doesn't look like I will anytime soon. Here's my long list of excuses now:
On Monday I had a horrible virus on my laptop and spent all day trying to fix it. Finally, at 11pm, it started working! Then on Tuesday I had to babysit all morning, I read all afternoon, and in the evening I came home from a bunch of errands only to see that my twitter account had been hacked! I spent the next hour coming up with a better password and apologizing for all the stupid tweets that were sent. And finally this morning I discovered that my family is going on a trip to my grandparents and won't get back until Thursday night! Friday I will be gone ALL day, and won't be home to relax and blog until midnight!
So basically this week is horrible to be hosting a read-a-long. I'll do my best, though! Thank you for dealing with me!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hunger Games Read-Along Kick-Off/Schedule

I don't believe I have any participants, but that's okay! It's a party of one over here at Debz Bookshelf! (But it's never to late to sign up!)
Here's my rough schedule: 

Read Part 1
Cover Comparisons: Hunger Games
Read Part 2
Make It a Movie Tuesday: Hunger Games Edition
Read Part 3
Surprise Post!
Book Review: The Hunger Games
How to throw the best Hunger Games premier party!
Discussion Post: Gale or Peeta?
Movie Expectations
Movie Review!
Wrap-up post!
I'm hoping to be getting other books, such as the official illustrated movie guide, before the week is out, but for now this is all I've got! I would be reading all 3 three, but with the movie so close, I've somehow lent the whole trilogy to various friends, barely managing to keep my spare copy to myself! 

May this all go as planned, and may the odds be ever in my favor!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Read-A-Longs

This month there are a couple read-a-longs going on that I'm participating in. 

First, the Pride and Prejudice Read-Along, hosted by She Is Too Fond Of Books

I signed up for this back in January, and only remembered it when I saw the first discussion post go up! I'm sort of behind (I should be almost finished with Part 2, and I'm not quite done with Part 1). 
So far I've been enjoying it, though the language takes some getting used to. Hopefully I'll be finished by the 23rd as planned!

Friday, March 9th: Volume One

Friday, March 16th: Volume Two

Friday, March 23rd: Volume Three

Second we have the Catch Wither Fever Read Along, hosted by the daily bookmark & The Overstuffed Bookcase. 

I purchased Wither a couple months ago, and I'm looking forward to reading it! This read along goes from the 18th to April 14th, so I may not even get to Wither this month, but I'm hoping to.
Plus, there are giveaways involved with this one!


And finally, there's my Hunger Games Pre-Movie Read-Along! I'm going to have lots of fun with this one! I'm busy coming up with lots of fun stuff to do, including some discussion posts, premiere party ideas, reviews (still trying to find those Hunger Games companion books..), and a lot more awesome stuff!

you can find more info and sign up here! 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hunger Games Movie Read-Along

I've been planning to reread the Hunger Games ever since I found out about the movie, so the week of the movie release, I'll be holding a Pre-Movie Read Along!
Anyone and Everyone is invited to join in. I'm currently whipping up a schedule of sorts, and will have that posted later. I know it will include a full review of both the book and movie, how to throw an epic premiere party, and the ever important question posed: Gale or Peeta?

If anyone would like to write a guest post to be featured in the read-along, email me at debzbookshelf (AT) gmail (DOT) com or if you'd just like to give your input for the Gale vs Peeta discussion, fill out the form below. 

Sign up using our friend Mr. Linky below! Please link to your sign up post!

Oh, and here's the button to steal!

I look forward to reading along with you!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Make it a Movie Tuesday (3)

This week I'm spotlighting one of the best books ever! 
Shannon Hale is one of the most amazing authors ever!
If you doubt me, just read one of her books (Princess Academy is a good place to start)!
Anyways, on to the video!

One of these days I'll have some music for you to listen to. In the mean time, I guess you'll have to provide your own soundtrack for the time being!

And for those of you who don't want to watch my video, here's the cast line-up!
('ll have to watch the video for my brief explanations! Ha!)

Miri: Dakota Fanning
Peder: Logan Lerman
Britta: Annasophia Robb
Tutor Olana: Susan Sarandon
Prince Steffan: Alex Pettyfer

Because of the large cast of characters and my lack of thinking things out, I only cast these main characters.
Another thing I realized after I published the video to YouTube is that my cast is older than the actual characters are supposed to be. Whoops!

Who would you cast?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bloggiesta 2012

Once again Google Reader has serendipitously introduced me to awesomeness!

I've been needing to fix up a couple things around the blog, and there are some things I want to do just for fun! And what could be better than doing this along with a bunch of other bloggers?

The Where: All over the blogosphere!

The When: March 30th -- April 1st

The How: Sign up, make a to-do list, and start blog-a-thoning with the rest of us!

Here's what my to-do list currently looks like. I'll probably get a couple of these things done before the Bloggiesta, but by the time it's over my goal is to have all these completed.
  • Request review books 
  • Write April discussion post 
  • Alphabetize reviews by Author 
  • Work out the kinks of my rating system 
  • Touch up review policy 
  • Clean out and organize Google Reader 
  • Start a Facebook Page 
  • Get a New Profile Picture
  • Update Bio  
  • Plan Blogoversary Party
What are you planning to do? 

CLICK HERE to see my updated list and mini-challenges!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Make it a Movie TUESDAY! (2)

I've officially decided to do this meme on Tuesdays, since I already have another meme every once in a Monday. 

So this week we have one of my newest favorite books!
If you check out my review you can see how much I love it!

Once again I have no music! This is what I get for spending my money at Barnes and Noble instead of iTunes!

For those of you who don't feel like watching a slideshow with no music (I wouldn't want to watch it either), the casting is as follows: 

Cinder - Saoirse Ronan
I just think she looks right for the role. How Cinder looks isn't mentioned much in the book, so much of my choice was based on how I imagined her.

Kai - David Archuleta
Prince Kai was nearly impossible to place. I ended up with David Archuleta because he looks faintly Asian and he's a nice guy. I don't know about his acting, but he could do a decent job.

Adri - Demi Moore
I don't know why I chose her besides the fact that I imagined Cinder's step-family to have dark hair.

Pearl - Selena Gomez
Again, she has dark hair, but thanks to my sisters I've seen her acting. She's definitely not a bad actress, and I think she can do Pearl's nastiness justice.

Peony - Abigail Breslin
I think Abigail Breslin is a good actress, and would be amazing as Peony.

Dr. Erland - George Clooney
Dr. Erland was a tough one. I wasn't sure what I was looking for, but George Clooney isn't too far off. The biggest problem with him is the fact that he's almost 6 feet tall, and he's supposed to be miserably short.

Queen Levana - Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts just has a powerful stage presence and can look like a beautiful and evil queen. Although she's already been a beautiful and evil queen thanks to Mirror, Mirror. 
So there ya go!

Who would you cast if Cinder were a movie?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

DNF Review: Pure

I really wanted to love this book, but it scared me. A lot. So I used my better judgement and put it down.
The whole idea that the world was detonated and people fused with whatever surrounded them at that moment creeps me out. Maybe that isn't exactly how it worked, but that's what I got from the first 3 chapters that I read. Another part that terrified me was the fact that the detonation apparently happens sometime in our very near future.
The writing was really good and the plot was definitely interesting and promising of some excitement, it just wasn't my kind of book. Just the first 3 chapters left me depressed and scared, and needing something light and fluffy. Janette Rallison, anyone?

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