Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hunger Games Read-Along Kick-Off/Schedule

I don't believe I have any participants, but that's okay! It's a party of one over here at Debz Bookshelf! (But it's never to late to sign up!)
Here's my rough schedule: 

Read Part 1
Cover Comparisons: Hunger Games
Read Part 2
Make It a Movie Tuesday: Hunger Games Edition
Read Part 3
Surprise Post!
Book Review: The Hunger Games
How to throw the best Hunger Games premier party!
Discussion Post: Gale or Peeta?
Movie Expectations
Movie Review!
Wrap-up post!
I'm hoping to be getting other books, such as the official illustrated movie guide, before the week is out, but for now this is all I've got! I would be reading all 3 three, but with the movie so close, I've somehow lent the whole trilogy to various friends, barely managing to keep my spare copy to myself! 

May this all go as planned, and may the odds be ever in my favor!

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