Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Read-A-Longs

This month there are a couple read-a-longs going on that I'm participating in. 

First, the Pride and Prejudice Read-Along, hosted by She Is Too Fond Of Books

I signed up for this back in January, and only remembered it when I saw the first discussion post go up! I'm sort of behind (I should be almost finished with Part 2, and I'm not quite done with Part 1). 
So far I've been enjoying it, though the language takes some getting used to. Hopefully I'll be finished by the 23rd as planned!

Friday, March 9th: Volume One

Friday, March 16th: Volume Two

Friday, March 23rd: Volume Three

Second we have the Catch Wither Fever Read Along, hosted by the daily bookmark & The Overstuffed Bookcase. 

I purchased Wither a couple months ago, and I'm looking forward to reading it! This read along goes from the 18th to April 14th, so I may not even get to Wither this month, but I'm hoping to.
Plus, there are giveaways involved with this one!


And finally, there's my Hunger Games Pre-Movie Read-Along! I'm going to have lots of fun with this one! I'm busy coming up with lots of fun stuff to do, including some discussion posts, premiere party ideas, reviews (still trying to find those Hunger Games companion books..), and a lot more awesome stuff!

you can find more info and sign up here! 


  1. Good luck with all of them!! I've re-read The Hunger Games a few times to prep myself for the movie <3 You have a really cute blog by the way :)

    P.S. New follower!

  2. The language in P&P can be a little tricky, it took me a second read to fully comprehend it. No worries about falling behind on posts if you just want to post one on what you thought of the book that is fine too. It was meant to be low-key!

    By the way, I am debating about joining your Hunger Games read-along. I've never read the books and have heard awesome things about them. I ordered the trilogy from my library and if they arrive in time I will certainly participate!

  3. Thanks so much for posting about the Catch Wither Fever read-along! We really appreciate you spreading the word, and we're looking forward to the event! ;)


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