Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My excuses...

I've failed with this Hunger Games Read-A-Long. I've definitely been reading, but I haven't had a single post up--and it doesn't look like I will anytime soon. Here's my long list of excuses now:
On Monday I had a horrible virus on my laptop and spent all day trying to fix it. Finally, at 11pm, it started working! Then on Tuesday I had to babysit all morning, I read all afternoon, and in the evening I came home from a bunch of errands only to see that my twitter account had been hacked! I spent the next hour coming up with a better password and apologizing for all the stupid tweets that were sent. And finally this morning I discovered that my family is going on a trip to my grandparents and won't get back until Thursday night! Friday I will be gone ALL day, and won't be home to relax and blog until midnight!
So basically this week is horrible to be hosting a read-a-long. I'll do my best, though! Thank you for dealing with me!

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