Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bloggiesta Finish Line


Bloggiesta is basically over now. The first day I got quite a bit done, but after that I struggled to get anything done. Here’s a final look at my list, with everything I’ve done crossed off.

  • Write April fairy tale discussion post
  • Find a fairy tale guest poster (any takers?)
  • Create March TBR list
  • Work out the kinks of my rating system
  • Finish up Hunger Games movie review
  • Tweak my review policy
  • Clean out and organize Google Reader
  • Use Facebook Page!
  • Get a New Profile Picture
  • Update Bio  
  • Plan Blogoversary Party
  • Get a bookshelf! (I’ve been shelfless for 4 months! All my books have been sitting in giant piles on my dresser!)
  • Add follow buttons (Goodreads, Twitter, RSS, etc...)
  • Update template! (Time for a new background!)

So I got maybe half the things done. Some of these things are beyond my control, such as the bookshelf (I’m getting my dad’s old shelf), and a new profile pic (I have a good idea, but my camera is no where to be found!)

Besides those things, I’ve been lazy. But at least I have a good excuse! I woke up at 5AM feeling ready to barf. I kept trying to get back to sleep, but of course I couldn’t! Then I finally gave up, went downstairs, and tried to not die. By around 7PM I was finally feeling better, but then I had to eat dinner and spend some time with the family.

So…yeah. I don’t know what I did on Saturday, because I didn’t even leave the house, but I guess I didn’t do much blogging! I’ll be trying to catch up on these things in April, but I won’t make a big fuss.

What did you do for bloggiesta?


  1. What kind of guest post are you looking for? And around what date?

  2. Anything about fairy tales. I've tried to have monthly discussion/guest posts for my fairy tale challenge, but so far the people who signed up haven't gotten back to me. It can be for whatever date you'd like, but I've been trying to do them towards the end of the month. I can shoot you an email if you're interested!

  3. I might be able to come up with something for June-ish, if that's not too late. I'm really busy with school and assorted things at the moment. My email is (and I'm Briana, since the username isn't too clear on that point!)


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