Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Book Review: Rapunzel’s Revenge




Once upon a time, in a land you only think you know, lived a little girl and her mother . . . or the woman she thought was her mother.

Every day, when the little girl played in her pretty garden, she grew more curious about what lay on the other side of the garden wall . . . a rather enormous garden wall.

And every year, as she grew older, things seemed weirder and weirder, until the day she finally climbed to the top of the wall and looked over into the mines and desert beyond.

Newbery Honor-winning author Shannon Hale teams up with husband Dean Hale and brilliant artist Nathan Hale (no relation) to bring readers a swashbuckling and hilarious twist on the classic story as you’ve never seen it before. Watch as Rapunzel and her amazing hair team up with Jack (of beanstalk fame) to gallop around the wild and western landscape, changing lives, righting wrongs, and bringing joy to every soul they encounter.

For some reason I convinced myself I wouldn’t like this book. Being a graphic novel, I thought that the writing wouldn’t be that good, because it would rely too much on the pictures to tell the story. And from the few low resolution images I’d seen on the internet, I thought the illustrations were only gonna be so-so. I was SOOOOO wrong. This might just be my favorite Hale book!

This book told a story that anyone would want to listen to. I read this as a bedtime story to my little sister, and she kept asking for more and more. She loved all the pictures and jokes. She was turning pages faster than I could read them!

The words and pictures worked together so well. On their own, they could tell an okay story, but together they told an amazing story!

The illustrations were completely awesome. They were so unique and intricate, and I just wanted to spend 20 minutes staring at each and every page, to absorb all the wonderfulness!

The writing was so much fun. There was lots of humor that kept the story light, while there was also some deep stuff to keep it feeling real.

There’s something in this book for everyone, no matter their age!




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