Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fairy Tale Poem

Hello peoples! I completely forgot to post anything yesterday! But never fear—Debz is here! And with a strange little poem I wrote yesterday in my poetry group! And guess what—it’s all about a fairy tale that you may recognize!

The girl cried
in the dungeon below
bent over the
spinning wheel
weeping, weeping
turning straw damp
I appear behind
a pile of hay
and beckon to her
She looks up, stunned
I slyly grin
and offer to her
what she desires most
“I will save you another day
“Spinning this straw
“into gold” I say
“But you must make it
“Worth my time
“And give me
“Something dear to you”
She gives me her necklace
Dotted with rubies
Worthless junk
But I accept
I will get a better reward
in the end
I begin to spin

It hasn’t been super polished, but my fellow poetry peoples seemed to like it.

What did you think?

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