Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Make It a Movie Tuesday (5)

WitherToday I have the wonderful book Wither by Lauren DeStefano. This week I was too lazy to make a video, but I do have a wonderful cast line-up!


Rhine—Meaghan Martin

It was really hard to decide who to play Rhine, but eventually I decided on Meaghan Martin, known for roles on Disney Channel and ABC Family. She looks how I imagined her, and I think she has the acting chops to do it.



Jenna—Alexandra Daddario

Yep! The girl from Percy Jackson. As I was reading, this is who I kept thinking of. Again, she’s exactly how I imagined her to look. And I think she would do a good job portraying Jenna’s complicated personality.


cecily3Cecily—Bella Thorne

She’s everyone’s pick for Cecily. Before I’d read the book, I couldn’t think of her being in such a serious story. But as I read, I kept envisioning her in the role and by the end, I couldn’t think of anyone else. She’d really have to step up her acting, though, because right now the only role she’s known for is a dancer on Disney Channel.



Diedre—Mackenzie Foy

No one knows her yet, but she’s set the start as Renesmee in Breaking Dawn Part 2. She’s 11, but she looks so small and young! She’d be great as Diedre, who’s only about 8, but has the knowledge and skill of someone much older.


gabriel1Gabriel—Zac Efron

I couldn’t think of anyone to play Gabriel, so Zac Efron is probably the closest I’ll get. After High School Musical, I stopped caring about him, so I haven’t seen his more recent acting, but I doubt he can be any worse than he was in HSM!



Linden—Jonathan Groff

I’m surprised by my own choice. I loved Linden, and imagined him as a cutie, and yet I find Jonathan Groff unattractive. I saw him very clearly in this role, though, so it must be a sign (that I’m watching too much Glee!)


rose3Rose—Taylor Swift 

I think Taylor Swift would be really good in this role. She fits the description and looks like an older version of Meaghan. And I think her acting has gotten pretty good in recent years.



Vaughn—Ralph Fiennes

Yes! Lord Voldemort! That’s the only role I’ve seen him in, but I know that he can do an amazing job no matter what role he’s in! Just imagine him as Housemaster Vaughn! He’d be terrifyingly good!



Who would you cast in Wither?




  1. Oooh, I really like your picks! I recognize all of them but I haven't seen all of them in parts. But I can totally see Jonathan Groff as Linden, and Ralph Fiennes as Vaughn! Fiennes is such a great actor - I loved him as Voldemort and he's been just as spectacular in the other movies I've seen him in.

    Great picks!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your picks for Jenna, Cecily and Deirdre! They are perfect!
    I think Alexandra Daddario would be great for the beautiful, strong Jenna, Bella Thorne could do a great job of portraying Cecily's diva/drama queen side as well as her more young, naive side and Mackenzie Foy is just adorable! :)

    1. Thanks! Those were the easiest to place for me. The others took a lot more thought.


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