Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Wrap-Up & In My Mailbox & Coming In June


Books Read:

  • It’s a Mall World After All by Janette Rallison
  • Of Poseidon by Anna Banks
  • Unbreak My Heart by Melissa Walker
  • Enchanted by Alethea Kontis

I wish I’d gotten more reading done, but this just wasn’t the month for that. For the first half of the month I was struggling to get through Toads and Diamonds (leftovers from FTF) and Born Wicked. Then I decided I just needed a break from Toads and Diamonds, because even though it’s really good and pretty short, I just couldn’t stand it (but I will pick be picking it up again soon). Born Wicked was officially abandoned for reasons you can find in my DNF review.

And I’ve also had to become the mom of the house because a couple weeks ago my mom broke both her right elbow and left wrist while crossing the street, and just a few days ago my older sister sprained her knee after falling in the kitchen, so I have virtually no time to read during the day, and by the time I have a chance to read, I’m too tired to think straight.


Other Cool Posts:

I think it’s too late to sign up to be a judge, but you can still find a way to participate in this battle of the Fairy Tale Retellings!

Briana’s awesome and signed up to do an interview. You should read it, then sign up, too!

I did this as part of Jodi’s mitten contest, but then I realized that the contest ended exactly one minute after I posted it ):

I got the chance to do a super quick interview with Lissa Price, author of Starters (which I loved!)


I didn’t get a whole lot this month. One reason is because I have no way of going to the library (no car + broken mom + loud kids), and I’m mostly broke. Another sad thing is that I have no pictures ): If you read my Incarnate manicure post, you’ll learn all about my struggle to find a camera. Well guess what? Another camera is down!



  • Don’t Expect Magic by Kathy McCullough
  • Ice by Sarah Beth Durst
  • Rapunzel’s Revenge by Shannon, Dean, and Nathan Hale
  • Enchanted by Alethea Kontis

I got these for under $5 each, with the exception of Enchanted. Rapunzel’s Revenge is a birthday present for my sister whose turning 5 tomorrow and loves fairy tales almost as much as I do!


  • Surrender Swag
  • Across the Universe print

I didn’t win any actual books, but I got some awesome bookish stuff. I got Elana Johnson’s Insider Case Files (which is really just a 5 page pamphlet, but it’s pretty nifty), along with a signed Surrender bookmark and sticker!

I also got a print of The Real Fauxtographer’s Across the Universe photography. If you haven’t seen her work, you definitely should. She does wonderful, high quality photography based off of YA novels.

For Review:


  • Princess Academy: Palace of Stone by Shannon Hale (eARC)

I was freaking out when I saw this on NetGalley. I’ve had bad luck getting approved on NetGalley, but luckily I’m friendly with the folks at Bloomsbury, and so I was approved!


Armchair BEA

Armchair BEA is coming in just a few short days! I’m super excited! I’ll be participating for the first half, but I can’t guarantee the last half, since I don’t have much to say about those days topics.

Weekly Wrap-Up

These monthly wrap-up posts are fun, but it takes me a while to collect up all the info and remember everything from the past month, so I’ll be starting up a weekly wrap-up thing, but I have yet to find a meme that fits my needs, so why not start one? I just need to come up with a good name (suggestions wanted!)

2012 YA Book Battle: Retold Fairy Tales

I don’t think I’ve seen any official dates for this yet, but word should be out soon, and at least some fairy tale reading will be done this month.


And finally, I’ll be away at camp from June 18th to the 21st. I’ll try to schedule a post or two, but I’ll be frantically preparing for the week before, so I make no promises.

Reading List

  • Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver
  • Surrender by Elana Johnson
  • Palace of Stone by Shannon Hale
  • The Fault In Our Stars by John Green
  • Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross
  • Toads and Diamonds by Heather Tomlinson
  • The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson
  • Stork by Wendy Delsol

It’s really unlikely I’ll get 8 books read, but I can hope!


  1. I'm so in love with the cover of Ice! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on it, I'm kind of just looking for an excuse to buy it. ;P

    1. I hope I'll be able to convince you to buy it! Some of my fairy tale obsessed blogging buddies have said it's their favorite retelling of East o' the Sun, West o' the Moon, which sounds kind of impossible because it has 2 beyond perfect books to compete with! Hope you read it whether or not I fall in love with it!

  2. Ooh, I like the part where I'm awesome. haha And I am totally still working on the fairytale guest post. I just can't decide exactly where I'm going with it.

    I want Enchanted! And Palace of Stone! I am definitely looking forward to those reviews!

    I was also a little iffy on Toads and Diamonds. Somehow it seemed technically very good, but I just wasn't too into it.

    1. No need to rush with the guest post. Whatever you come up with will be great!

      I'm looking forward to my Enchanted and Palace of Stone reviews, too! It looks like they'll be competing for favorite book of the year (although I'll have to finish Palace of Stone first...)

      I think the biggest reason I put Toads & Diamonds on hold was because I was suffering from culture shock. There was just so much Indian culture, and it was really overwhelming.

  3. I'm planning to participate in Armchair BEA as well! =) It'll be my first time, and I'm definitely excited to be doing it. You have some awesome books on your TBR for this month! The Fault in Our Stars and Before I Fall are both absolutely fantastic reviews. The writing in each is seriously spectacular. Happy reading this month, and have fun at camp! =)

    -Aneeqah @ My Not So Real Life

    1. It's my first time doing Armchair BEA, too! I wanted to last year, but by the time I learned about it, it was too late to sign up )=
      I'm really looking forward to The Fault in Our Stars (loved your review), and Before I Fall is amazing so far! Thanks for visiting!

  4. Debz, I just found your blog and I love it! I love fairy tales as well and just any good books. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend "The Sisters Grimm Series" It's a little elementary schoolish, but I loved it! I'm also very excited to read your review on Princess Academy: Palace of Stone. I can't wait to read it.

    1. Hi Catherine!

      I read the first few books of The Sisters Grimm when they had just come out, but I haven't read any of the more recent ones. Are they good? I thought the first one was good, but after that they just seemed to drag on (I'm not a fan of long series). I'm glad you like them, though!

      Honestly, I think I'm more excited about my review of Palace of Stone than anyone else! So far it's amazing! I'm already recommending it to everyone, and it isn't out yet!

      Thanks for stopping by!


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