Friday, June 8, 2012

Armchair BEA: Ask the Experts

I don’t consider myself an expert by any means, but I have learned quite a lot in the past 15 months of book blogging. So here are my big tips.

My biggest tip is to IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE CULTURE. Basically just stick yourself in the middle of everything and you’ll get the hang of things really quickly. For my first year of blogging I was hesitant to step into the big kids pool. With the new year, I changed things around. I hopped out of the kiddie pool, and jumped headfirst into the big kid pool, and I only regretted not doing it sooner!

Immediately I started NETWORKING! You’ve heard it a zillion times, but that’s because it works! My first year of blogging I had no clue how to get followers. I just stayed in my little corner and hoped someone would show up. No one will come visit you if they don’t know you exist! Start chatting with people on Twitter and…

COMMENT everywhere! But don’t just leave a stupid comment like “Your blog is cool. Come visit me!” Most people will just treat it like spam and will be less likely to visit you. Leave a meaningful comment on a post you’re genuinely interested in, and leave a link in your signature. Nothing wrong with that! It might also be nice if you follow them. (But don’t be stupid like me and follow all 300 blogs participating in a blog-hop. I didn’t win a single prize.)

And if they follow the link back to your blog, you want them to like WHAT THEY SEE! Keep your blog neat and tidy. I run lots of blogs, and the first thing I always do when I start one up is customize the template. I grab a cute, free background from somewhere online. I make sure my sidebars and header are all properly sized. Some people aren’t great at designy stuff, but you can still keep it from looking sloppy.

You also want them to like the CONTENT. Update regularly. Keep it fresh. Use proper grammar and spelling. Also, if you review erotica or something, don’t expect a bunch of middle-grade bloggers to be interested in your blog. Network with your target audience.

That’s my two-cents! I don’t have much to say about ARC’s because I’m still new to them (I have exactly 3!)

If you have any tips to give, please leave them in the comments!


  1. Networking is scary though!

    I mean I know if people like the same things it should be really easy to talk to them but to actually put your blog out there at the end of all that... I almost feel like it demeans what I'm saying and makes me look like I'm only interested in followers and not actually up for having a worth while discussion. Do you ever think that when people post their links?

    1. I've felt that way when I leave comments on other blogs, but luckily bloggers are super nice. If you leave a meaningful comment, they're very likely to answer and follow your link. I don't think that when other's leave their links, because it's almost always accompanied with a genuine comment.

  2. Your blog is cool... come visit me :)

    I whole heartily agree with keeping the blog nice and neat.

  3. Great points!!!

    Nothing gets to me more than the simple comments that are obvious attempts at getting hits...if I see an honest and thoughtful comment with a link, I'll visit every time!

  4. I appreciate you reminding folks to make their comments worthwhile. I think sometimes we just get so caught up in page views & visits that we forget about etiquette & content apply even to something as simple as a comment. Thanks! Tattooed Books


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