Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Armchair BEA: Real Life Networking!

I was going to skip today, but after all the fun I’ve had in the past 2 days, I decided I couldn’t pass up this opportunity!

Today’s topic is networking in real life. I don’t do much real-life networking, do cool library stuff, or attend fun bookish events. But I do talk about books with my friends occasionally.

I remember last fall I was in a Shakespeare study group, and the “teacher” really liked YA books. Almost every week we would end up not talking about Shakespeare, and instead talking about more recent books. She introduced me to Divergent & Heist Society, among others.

At one point we were talking about how we’d find good books. Most of them would say stuff like “Recommended by a friend” or “Saw it at the library”, and then it was my turn and I talked about how I read book reviews online. I told them about my blog, and Goodreads, and ARC’s and all that cool stuff.

I know my story isn’t nearly as cool as some of the others you’re bound to encounter, but it’s what I’ve got to offer!


  1. I get my books too thru recommendations online, reviews posted, etc. It's the book blogging community that is my source of what to look out in books. ;)

    Stopping by from Armchair BEA. :)

    -Len of Musings of a Reader Happy

  2. Goodreads is an absolute god send!!! I learn about books there as much as I do from following blogs. Your teacher sounds awesome.


  3. I like that you're able to talk about your blog and reviews and stuff with a group of real-life people. The only people I often interact with besides family is work people, and I don't really want them to know about my blog (and see how often I post when I'm AT work, lol).

    Happy ABEA!

    1. Actually, I hardly ever talk about my blog (this is the only exception). Most of my friends don't even know about my blog, and even my mom doesn't know more than I have blog and I get free books.

  4. Talking books is the best!

    Thanks for participating!

    Here's my networking post



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