Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Book Review: It’s a Mall World After All by Janette Rallison

 It's a Mall World After All


It's too bad they don't give out diplomas for what you learn at the mall, because I could graduate with honors in that subject.  No really.  Since I've worked there, I've become an expert on all things shopping-related. For example, I can tell you right off who to distrust at the mall:

1) Skinny people who work at Cinnabon.  I mean, if they're not eating the stuff they sell, how good can it be?

2) The salesladies at department store makeup counters.  No matter what they tell you, buying all that lip gloss will not make you look like the pouty models in the store posters.

3) And most importantly--my best friend's boyfriend, Bryant, who showed up at the food court with a mysterious blonde draped on his arm.

Yeah, I saw it, and yeah, I told my best friend all about it.

You would think this would mean trouble for Bryant, but you would basically be wrong.  Somehow, the evil boyfriend turned everything around, and now I'm the one who has to prove myself!  But I will. Even if Bryant--and more importantly his best friend, Colton--keep trying to stop me.

I don’t think there’s anything else I can say to convince you to read a Janette Rallison book. This one is an especially sweet read during holiday season (if only I’d know) seeing as how it involves a winter dance, a scandalous elf costume, and a Secret Santa project!

Her voice is so fun, you’d think she’s a teenager! She uses lots of sarcasm, but it never gets old. She knows how to make you smile.

Can you please promise me that the next time you’re at the library or bookstore, you’ll get one of her books? Pretty please? She’s that awesome!



  1. i actually read its a mall world after all and i thought it was great! i wonder if there any books similair books? i like drama and books that talks about school and relationships. maybe books that are around 11-13 years old depending on the context. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I'm not a big fan of contemporary books, but I highly recommend everything by Janette Rallison!!! She wrote this book, as well as about a dozen others. They usually revolve around girls in their teens dealing with drama and crushes. And the best part is that the romance in all of them is totally clean and I'd be comfortable recommending all her books to someone in that age group.


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