Saturday, June 9, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up (5)

weekend wrapup
Armchair BEA was kind of crazy. The first 2 days I got about a zillion page views and close to 100 comments. And along with that I got some new follower friends. Welcome!,s,FFFFFF00&chxl=1:|2012+May+31|2012+Jun+2|2012+Jun+4|2012+Jun+6|Today&chxp=0,150,300|1,0,25,50,75,100&chxr=0,0,300&chxs=0,676767,11.5,0,t,676767|1,6AA9E6,12,0,l,676767&chxt=y,x&chs=460x200&cht=lc&chco=6AA9E6&chd=s:NLKX0NcK&chls=3&chm=B,6AA9E664,0,0,0|h,E7E7E7,0,0.5,1,-1|h,AAAAAA,0,0,1,1|h,AAAAAA,0,1,1,1|V,E7E7E7,0,0,1,-1|V,E7E7E7,0,2,1,-1|V,E7E7E7,0,4,1,-1|V,E7E7E7,0,6,1,-1|V,E7E7E7,0,8,1,-1
The only problem is that I couldn’t get as much reading done because I was so busy commenting and writing posts.
Books Read
Before I FallWhen You Were Mine
Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver
When You Were Mine by Rebecca Serle (still available to read for free on Pulse It!)
Received This Week
 Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass, #1)
Glitch by Heather Anastasiu—eGalley—Thanks St. Martin’s Press!
Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas—eGalley—Thanks Bloomsbury!
To Read
Surrender (Possession, #2)Toads and DiamondsPalace of Stone (Princess Academy #2)The Fault in Our Stars
Surrender by Elana Johnson (almost finished!)
Toads and Diamonds by Heather Tomlinson (picking up from FTF)
Princess Academy: Palace of Stone by Shannon Hale
The Fault In Our Stars by John Green
Coming This Week
I have several book reviews going up of books I’ve finished in the past couple weeks, as well as an interview with one of the authors (my lips are sealed!)
I’ll also be starting up Top Ten Tuesday because I love seeing that meme every week and I realized through Armchair BEA’s Best of 2012 list-making, I love making lists!
Other News
June Is Audiobook Month! I just learned that I can check out digital audiobooks from my library, so I’m planning on getting some (but not this week, since my mom has blocked my card). Here are just a few that they have available:
      • Cinder by Marissa Meyer (one of my all-time favorites)
      • Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi
      • Crossed by Ally Condie (loved the Matched audiobook!)
      • Eve by Anna Carey
      • Die For Me by Amy Plum
      • Inkheart by Cornelia Funke
Usually when  I get audiobooks, I review them the same as if I was reading it, but this month in addition to writing a normal review, I’ll be trying to do mini audio reviews.
Over at Emily’s Reading Room you can find out what’s going on around the blogosphere to celebrate audiobook month!
How was your week?

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