Monday, July 23, 2012

Facebook: Yes or No?

So, I’ve had this Facebook page sitting around doing nothing for the longest time. Like since March. And I have about 4 followers on there. And I almost never use it. So what I’m asking is whether you think I should keep it and update it more often, or just delete it forever? Let me know either through comments or by leaving a wall post!

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  1. Well...I don't follow it. I suppose it depends on how much time it takes up. Ours only has about 10 followers, but you can set up Wordpress so it automatically posts your posts on Facebook. So not much trouble at all. If Blogspot doesn't do that, maybe it's not worth maintaining it for four people?

    Also, do you get any hits from Facebook? From the 10 people who follow us, I think only one person even occasionally follows the links to actually come read the posts. ;)


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