Monday, July 2, 2012

Fairy Tale Review Link Up

fairy tale buttonAhh! I forgot to post the link-up at the end of the month! So instead, I’ll be posting it at the beginning of the month, and if I like that more, than that’s how we’ll be doing it from now on!


  1. I think June is the first month I don't have one to link up. And there isn't one scheduled for July either, though I still need to write a Cinder review! I'll have to start more retold fairytales. (I was listening to Breadcrumbs, but I gave up on it. I don't think reading it instead of listening to the audio book will help at all, either.)

    1. I read and enjoyed Breadcrumbs, but for me the contemporary issues sort of overshadowed the book. It was more dark and serious than I expected. I liked part two the best. It was the questing part of the book. You may want to give it a second look. I read it, didn't listen to the audio.

  2. I just finished up a Hansel and Gretel Retelling called: The Sinister Sweetness of the Splendid Academy. I need to write up the review so I can post the link.

  3. I didn't see an August linky yet, and I actually have one a couple now to link-up!


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