Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday #7 Post That Would Give You a Picture of Debz

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish
This weeks topic is…Posts On Your Blog That Would Give The BEST Picture of DEBZ
  1. My Love of Fairy Tales
  2. My Harry Potter Story
  3. Matched Review
  4. Busting the Newbie Blues
  5. My addiction to Glee and inability to complete read-a-thons
  6. Interview on Incandescent Enchantments!
  7. Enchanted Review
  8. Armchair BEA Intro!
I don’t have any more cool posts, but I would love it if you would randomly click around and comment (=


  1. Love your fairytale post, I love fairytales. I'm a sucker for reading all the retold fairytales and collecting Grimm & Hans old versions.


  2. I'm trying to see what I can figure out from people from this post alone (no visiting any of the posts listed in this post, no sir!) Interesting experiment.

    Love your name, btw. I've toyed with renaming myself something cool (instead of the awfully '50-ish name I was dubbed---Debbie) like D'Bora. Maybe with a few accent marks?

    Here's my TTT: I Am Oz post.I hope you will stop by!

  3. Great list and I enjoyed reading several of your posts. You're doing a great job with your blog and I'll be back.


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