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Interview: Pica @ Pica Reads

Pica Reads

Let me introduce you to Pica. She is one of the coolest blogger out there! I think we might even be long-lost blogging sisters! We read and review the same kinds of books, and we’re both obsessed with fairytales! (And just so you know, my answers to these questions would be almost identical!) And today, because she’s so awesome, she’s interviewing me, too! So stop by her blog and say hi! (And enter her 100 follower giveaway!)

Why did you start your blog?
I came up with the idea of creating a place to write down my thoughts about books. I was envisioning more of a Goodreads-type experience, but at the time, I had no idea Goodreads even existed, nor did I have any knowledge of the book-blogging community. I started Pica Reads on April 22, 2010. My first reviews were book-report style, and both embarrassing and funny to look back on. I was so serious, and so focused on getting it right, but I had no idea what I was doing.

Where did the name of your blog come from?
I’ve always loved typewriters and other old technology (i.e. record players, etc.), so when I was asked to choose a name for camp, I chose Pica, the name of a typewriter font. When I started my blog, I used that same name as my internet identity.

If you were stuck on a deserted island, what 3 books would you bring?
Wow, the impossible question. I’m going to say: Howl’s Moving Castle, by Diana Wynne Jones; Fly by Night, by Frances Hardinge; and Heir Apparent, by Vivian Vande Velde, but there are so many books I wish I could add to that list.

What are you doing when you aren’t reading or blogging?
I am still in school, so a lot of my time is taken up by schoolwork and school itself, but I also love to sing. I contribute a lot of my time to singing, but that’s not always separate from my reading / blogging time.

What are 3 words that describe your personality?
Cheerful, Hardworking, Readerly

If you had to pick one author to meet, who would it be?
It’s so hard to decide, but I’m choosing Shannon Hale. I’ve met her twice already, and they were some of the best experiences of my life. I’ve always wanted to go out to lunch with Shannon Hale. That would be a dream come true.

What’s your favorite fairy tale?
I can’t possibly choose one. Don’t make me choose!

How old were you when you learned to read?
I don’t remember the exact age, but I was very young. My family has lots of home videos of me reading picture books on my parents laps.

How many books do you read in a week?
It varies from week to week, but I am aiming to read 200 books this year, so that averages out to about 4 books a week.

What’s the first book you remember reading?
A picture book called Caps for Sale. I read it so often that I quickly had it memorized.

Purple, Orange, or Green?

White, Milk, or Dark Chocolate?
For most of my life, I’ve preferred milk chocolate, but recently I’ve started liking the dark much more.

Harry Potter, Twilight, or Hunger Games?
Harry Potter, by far. I was an HP fanatic in middle school, and could quote both the Hogwarts school song and the inscription of the Gringotts doors by memory. At the annual camp talent show, I had a Harry Potter trivia game every year. So yeah, Harry Potter.

Fantasy, Romance, or Historical Fiction?
Hmmm… am I allowed to choose Romantic Historical Fantasy? If not, I suppose Fantasy would top the list.

Cabbage, Brussels Sprouts, or Lima Beans?
Brussels Sprouts. My mom makes the most delicious Brussels sprouts ever. And the most delicious broccoli. And cauliflower. And zucchini. Now I’m hungry.

Thanks so much for interviewing me, Debz!

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  1. Brussel sprouts?! Really? I'm judging you now. ;)

    Good luck with your 200 book goal!


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