Saturday, September 15, 2012

Unexpected blogging hiatus

Guess what! My laptop keeps overheating and threatening to explode, so I'm going to be taking a quick break from blogging. But when I come back, I'll be having a review practically everyday. I'll be on twitter and checking my email minimally, but this blog is going to be mostly empty (unless my laptop magically starts working again!)

See you eventually!

And before I forget, I still have a spot open for a fairytale mini-challenge on Oct, 20th. Email me if you're willing to do anything!


  1. Oh nos! I had this happen to me recently too -- my parents were afraid I was going to burn down the house! I look forward to your return and reading all the great reviews you are promising!

  2. Do you have a cool pack? My computer ca no longer function without one...They're fairly cheap. Can probably get one from your local Target or Wal Mart.

    1. I have a cooling tray, but it's a mechanical issue. It's functioning alright for now, but will need to be sent in eventually and for now I'm trying to use it as little as possible.


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